Every company, no matter how large or how small, from time to time encounters surplus assets. Those surplus assets represent stranded cash. Companies have limited options available to them for sale of those assets. Those options are difficult to pursue and result in a low return on investment. AO Equipment & Machinery offers a better way to deal with your surplus assets and gain the best return on your investment.

AO Equipment & Machinery provides a total management solution for each project. We understand there are various situations that require different solutions. We can provide a live, online or simulcast auction to meet those various situations. Our dedicated project management team manages the sale through our proven processes.

AO Equipment & Machinery is a new division of a well-established company. Aimed to focus on business assets, AO Equipment & Machinery handles the entire process. We sell to the world and do not let the local market set the price.


Our Online Process

We provide a platform that allows sellers to sell their items to the world, without geographic limitations and without having to manage each transaction.

  1. We can sell your items from your facility or ours.
  2. We catalogue and photograph the items and place them on this site for the bidding process. We handle all communications with the buyers and collect proceeds which are then paid to you the seller (less commissions and applicable fees).
  3. We don’t have to post your physical address or display a sign (when doing the auction from your facility). The potential bidders know only the closest major intersections and zip code.
  4. The bidding remains open during a defined period of time that you may specify to allow the maximum marketing potential. Depending on the size of the sale, buyers may pick-up by appointment only or with a defined period of time that works best for your schedule. We also coordinate shipping items to the buyers out of the area and even abroad.
  5. Safety is our highest concern. We will work with you on the safe removal of the product through approved riggers or lifting and handling specialists.
  6. Your auction can be accomplished within a finite period of time based on your needs. Typically, 30 days is sufficient timeframe adequate processing and marketing campaign.
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Our Live/Simulcast Process

Live personal property auctions are conducted by licensed auctioneers with the Department of Agriculture.

  1. The live auction process is best utilized when selling assets during a plant liquidation, an entire warehouse full, when a facility is closing their doors, and when the assets are sufficient to draw an audience of bidders.
  2. We provide all the services necessary for a successful live auction. The first step is building an inventory and taking photos for advertising the auction. The advertising/marketing includes posting the auction on, sending an email to all past auction attendees, social media and placing newspaper ads in the appropriate local and regional papers. We also place signage on the property and crossroads in the area.
  3. The next step is site preparation which includes sorting and separating the items into salable lots.
  4. When buyers cannot attend the live auction in person, our simulcast feed will provide a live video audio experience, and provide enhanced bidding capabilities from any computer during the auction.
  5. We arrive early on auction day to set up the auction. This includes tents when appropriate, food truck, portable facilities, and office trailer. We use an electronic clerking and cashiering system to allow for easy check in and check out for bidders as well as generating reports quickly for the seller.
  6. The seller will receive net proceeds within 15 business days after the auction.
  7. The timeframe from start to finish is typically 30-60 days.
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