Become an Affiliate

Our Mission…

AO Equipment & Machinery is on a mission to provide extraordinary service to our customers and to provide a level of affiliate support that is unmatched in any industry. AO Equipment & Machinery is constantly evolving to be A Better Way.

The AO Equipment & Machinery affiliate is designed for today’s entrepreneur who is interested in joining the bustling and growing Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) industry. Affiliates benefit from our nearly thirty years of experience in the auction business. We guide you each step of the way as you launch your new business. AO Equipment & Machinery is different from any other e-Commerce operation in that we focus on an innovative online auction platform and also strive to uphold and provide the highest quality of service to our buyers and sellers.

With AO Equipment & Machinery are uniquely positioned as both a retailer and a service provider. You have the opportunity to provide a solution for a business’s transition, while empowering consumers to buy and sell anything, at any time, and anywhere. Build a better future for yourself and your business with the support and guidance of our industry professionals. You will never feel like you are in business by yourself because we provide a professional team behind you.

Our Training & Support…

At AO Equipment & Machinery, we understand the importance of quality training and unwavering support. If you succeed, we succeed! With this in mind, we’ve developed our extensive training and support programs, and are dedicated to your team. You can count on AO Equipment & Machinery to provide you with the tools and systems necessary for your business success.

The benefit to joining AO Equipment & Machinery as an affiliate is that you can skip the learning curve of starting a new business on your own and benefit from our years of experience operating in the industry. By providing you with our business experience and coaching, you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that typically plague a new business.


Extensive training at the AO Equipment & Machinery corporate headquarters covers:

  • Business Set-up and Administrative Duties
  • Sales and Marketing
  • How to use the AO Equipment & Machinery software
  • Photography and Cataloguing Product
  • Understanding the Process and Services Offered
  • The “Customer Experience”


Hands-on training at your location

  • Online Auction Process
  • Online Auction Pick-up Process


  • Quarterly Brand Update Meetings
  • Periodic Onsite Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Ongoing Support

AO Equipment & Machinery is seeking entrepreneurs who choose AO Equipment & Machinery because they believe the brand can help them achieve their personal and financial goals through excellence, superior customer service, and an affiliate relationship that is based on dedication and integrity.

Our Advantage…

Becoming an AO Equipment & Machinery affiliate eliminates the work of developing a business from the ground up. We’ve already done that! With our proven system in place, we are a better way for consumers to buy and sell business assets.

Steps To Become An Affiliate…

If you seek additional information, please click the link below to express your interest.
To begin, you must complete our application and provide us with third party documentation.
After review of your application and documentation, you may receive an invitation to join the owner onto experience the better way process and potentially tour other affiliate facilities.
Once you have decided to become an affiliate, the Software As A Service Agreement will be signed to make it official.
We offer extensive, hands on training program both at our corporate offices and in thefield to learn how to process and use the AO Equipment & Machinery proprietary software.
Identify your primary office/warehouse location. We will provide guidelines foranalyzing the location and will conduct a site visit.